Global Sustainability | Partners


Local community partners collaborate with students on their Think Global/Act Local research projects for the Global Sustainability course.





Center for Wind Energy – James Madison University JMU Virginia Center for Wind Energy Remy Luerssen Pangle, Dr. Jonathan Miles   Multi-year wind energy education projects 
City Schoolyard Garden City schoolyard garden Jeanette Abi-Nader, Sara Osborne, Linda Winecoff  Curriculum and design/build projects 
 Charlottesville City Schools Charlottesville city schools James Henderson, Erin Kershner, Dawn Locasale, Tracie Daniels, Vernon Bock, Eric Johnson, Peter Stern Sustainability education programs 
Albemarle Public Schools Albemarle County Schools Lindsey Snoddy, Gabrielle Schoppa, Susan Guerrant  Energy and water audits, curriculum development, sustainability afterschool club 
Safe Routes to School safe routes to school Amanda Poncy, James Henderson, Erin Kershner, Dawn Locasale, Tracie Daniels, Vernon Bock, Eric Johnson, Peter Stern Walkability and cycling audits, design recommendations  
Elizabeth River Project elizabeth river project Robin Dunbar  Paradise Creek Nature Park sustainability curriculum development
PLACE Taskforce PLACE design task force Kathy Galvin  Charlottesville place analysis 
Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) LEAP Cynthia Adams, Annie Suttle  Energy audits 
Better World Betty better world betty Teri Kent, Anna Gayle  Advised local businesses in Better Business Challenge 
Albemarle Housing Improvement Program AHIP(AHIP) Ravi Respeto, Joyce Dudek  10th & Page home improvement assessments, green neighborhood design 
Camp Albemarle camp albemarle Don Tubbs  Riverine education 
UVA Office of Sustainability office of sustainability Andrea Trimble, Jesse Warren, Nina Morris  Energy and water sustainability audits and education programs 
UVA Office of the Architect office of architects David Neumann, Andrew Greene  Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS) Assessment
UVA Parking & Transportation parking and transportation Becca White, John Monceaux  Bike Share education and planning 
UVA Dining – Aramark UVA dining Chris Stevens  Dining hall waste audits, composting and local food promotion 
UVA Recycling recycling at UVA Sonny Beale  Recycling education and dormitory receptacle allocation 
UVA Facilities Management uva facilities Cheryl Gomez, Jess Wenger, Jeff Sitler  Water, waste and energy audits 
 UVA Teaching Resource Center teaching resource Dorothe Bach   UVA faculty sustainability workshop 
UVA School of Architecture  Beth Meyer, Dick Smith  Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS) study, waste audits, lighting study  
UVA Community Garden  Garden Leadership Team  Design/build projects
 UVA Athletics

uva athletics

Jason Bauman, Ashley Badesch, Matt Boegner  Zero waste athletics program